Mobile Wallets

Best mobile bitcoin wallets and payment apps.

Mobile Bitcoin wallets are non-physical programs that store your private keys, signs transactions, and broadcast them to the network. Lightning payment apps route payments through nodes connected by payment channels.

Mobile wallets may be used to secure smaller amounts of your assets and are ecxellent for day-to-day transacting. Below are some of the best and most secure open-source non-custodial bitcoin wallets and lightning payment apps. While some key features and tradeoffs are highlighted for the apps, they are all excellent. Consider your needs when selecting one. You may also decide more than one is needed, for example one for on-chain transactions, and one for second layer transactions (e.g. lightning).

  • OS: Which Operating System the app is available for.
  • Open-source: Open-source allows the community to verify the code and ensure if it can be trusted.
  • Layers: Wallets may provide support for on-chain transations and/or second layer protocols like Lightning.
  • Own Node: Wallets may provide the ability to plug-in your own Bitcoin full node so that you don't need to trust a third party node, thus providing enhanced privacy.
  • TOR: The Onion Routing (TOR) project is an open-source project designed to anonymize your internet traffic, for enhanced privacy.
  • Additional Info: Additional information on the software.

Last Updated: 30 January 2023